3 Reasons Why You May Want To Request The Services Of A Mobile Veterinarian

The idea of having a veterinarian come to your home to treat your animal is a wonderful thing. They are able to bring all of the necessary tools and supplies with them, and from there they can ensure that your animal gets just as good of care as they would in the animal hospital. While having the vet come to your home to visit your animal for any reason is excellent, there are certain reasons when having the vet come to your home to visit your animal is almost necessary. [Read More]

3 Things Turtle Owners Need To Know About Vitamin A Deficiencies

Vitamin A is a nutrient that helps to maintain the immune system and maintain the health of the body's cells. Turtles need to get vitamin A from their food, and if they don't get enough of this crucial vitamin, they can become very ill. Here are three things turtle owners need to know about vitamin A deficiencies.   How do turtles become vitamin A deficient? Turtles become vitamin A deficient when they're fed an unbalanced diet. [Read More]

How To Teach Your Children To Be Responsible Dog Owners

Have you decided that it is finally time to buy a dog for your kids? If so, you are in for a lot of fun adventures. Getting a dog for your family is a pretty big step, though. From training your new dog  to choosing the right veterinary care, here are some ideas that might help your dog ownership go well. Start With A Family Meeting - If you want your children to be responsible pet owners, start with a frank discussion about what this entails. [Read More]

Relieving Your Pet Of A Flea Infestation

When warmer weather emerges, so does an abundance of insects. If you have a dog or cat that is frequently outdoors, you will want to take steps to keep them free from fleas. When a pet gets a few fleas in their fur, it can quickly escalate into a full-blown infestation. Here are some steps to take if your pet already has fleas present on their body, along with some ways to keep them from returning once you have gotten the situation under control. [Read More]