How To Make Your Pet Comfortable During An Overnight Vet Stay

If your animal is hurt and needs surgery, there is a good chance that they will need to remain at a veterinarian's office, like Chapel Hill Veterinary Clinic, for a day or two. Full-service veterinary hospitals are typically equipped to handle dogs overnight during emergencies and during recuperation that requires 24-hour surveillance at the hospital. If your pet has never been away from home and displays anxious tendencies, the separation could prove to be difficult for them. Here are some ways to make your pet comfortable overnight at the hospital and away from home. 

Ask if they can have their own room

If there are other pets at the facility overnight, the barking, whining, and/or other noises and movements from other pets could make your pet more anxious. Pets should be in a calm environment when recuperation from surgery or an illness. Ask the hospital if there are single rooms or quarantine rooms available for your dog to sleep in. If so, rent out a room and bring your pet's favorite blankets and toys in order to break up the monotony if they gain their energy back during the time at the vet. 

Dull the lights 

If your pup is used to a low-light situation when they are going to sleep, bright lights and movement around the room can keep them up during the night. Often, dogs will need a lot of rest during recuperation, as they already need more sleep than humans on a regular basis. Ask if a blanket can be installed over the kennel your dog will be held in if the lights have to be on, or ask if the lights can be turned low and a small light be provided in their own room. Dulling the lights like at home can alert your pet that it is time to rest, that way they can heal better. 

Consider an anti-anxiety jacket 

If your dog is not having surgery on their body, ask if they can wear an anti-anxiety dog jacket during their stay. Anti-anxiety jackets are created to help dogs who tend to experience anxiety, especially during bad weather or loud noises. The jacket is made to hug the dog and provide a sense of calm. It is also possible to apply a small amount of organic lavender oil to the jacket as a calming and anti-anxiety scent for the animal. An anti-anxiety jacket can help your dog get through the time that they will need to spend in a strange place until they get back home to you.