3 Reasons Why You May Want To Request The Services Of A Mobile Veterinarian

The idea of having a veterinarian come to your home to treat your animal is a wonderful thing. They are able to bring all of the necessary tools and supplies with them, and from there they can ensure that your animal gets just as good of care as they would in the animal hospital. While having the vet come to your home to visit your animal for any reason is excellent, there are certain reasons when having the vet come to your home to visit your animal is almost necessary. This article will discuss 3 reasons why you may want to request the services of a mobile veterinarian.

Your Animal Is Very Large

If you have a large animal that needs to see the vet, such as a horse or cow, taking them to the vet can be quite difficult and is often very time-consuming. You will need a proper trailer to transport them and will have to ensure that they are loaded safely onto it. Also, some vets don't have the space within or around their animal hospital to treat this large of an animal anyways. For these reasons, requesting an in-home visit from the mobile vet is often the best way to go for anything from a simple check-up to an emergency. The vet will be able to treat your animal in their own environment, which can sometimes help to keep them calmer and will give them the personalized care that they need.

Your Animal Is Too Ill 

If you fear moving your animal will cause them too much pain, or you fear how they will react to the other animals and the animal hospital in general due to their illness, then once again requesting the mobile vet to come to your home to treat your animal is the best idea. Your animal will not have to move at all to be treated, or at least diagnosed. If the vet decides that further treatment, such as surgery, is necessary to save your animal's life, the vet will ensure that your animal is safely and carefully transported to the animal hospital.

Your Animal Has Just Given Birth 

If your animal has just given birth, then you likely don't want to move her or the puppies. However, if you would like your animal and her young to be looked at a by a vet, you may feel like you have to take them in. Thankfully, this isn't the case with a mobile vet because they can come and look at your animal and her babies from the comfort of your own home. They can also come back for future visits if necessary to remove the dew claws from the puppies, to give shots, and perform other necessary tasks.

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