3 Things Potbellied Pig Owners Need To Know About Gastritis

Your new potbellied pig can suffer from gastrointestinal illnesses, just like you can. One of these illnesses is gastritis. Gastritis refers to either inflammation or irritation of the stomach lining, and it's common in pigs. Here are three things potbellied pig owners need to know about gastritis. What are the signs of gastritis? Gastritis causes symptoms like vomiting and colic. Colic means abdominal pain, and this pain may make your pig cry out in pain, become lethargic or lose interest in their food. [Read More]

Do Your Dog's Anal Glands Need To Be Expressed?

The term "anal glands" might make you cringe, but as a dog owner, this is a part of your dog that it's important to be knowledgeable about. Your dog has two anal glands – one on either side of his or her anus. These glands secrete substances that mark your dog's territory whenever he poops. Sometimes, however, they can become clogged, and they'll need to be expressed by you – your dog's loving owner. [Read More]

How To Make Your Pet Comfortable During An Overnight Vet Stay

If your animal is hurt and needs surgery, there is a good chance that they will need to remain at a veterinarian's office, like Chapel Hill Veterinary Clinic, for a day or two. Full-service veterinary hospitals are typically equipped to handle dogs overnight during emergencies and during recuperation that requires 24-hour surveillance at the hospital. If your pet has never been away from home and displays anxious tendencies, the separation could prove to be difficult for them. [Read More]

Stress Reduction Tips For Dogs And Vet Visits

Taking your dog in for required vaccinations is a necessary task for the responsible pet owner. Unfortunately, it can also be a difficult task if your dog stresses out at the sight of the vet's office. Don't use stress as a reason to skip these important appointments, though, since your dog's health depends on proper vaccinations. Instead, use some of the following strategies to help alleviate or even eliminate the stress. [Read More]